Our DEFINITION OF Talent Management

Talent management is the methodically organized, strategic process of getting the right talent onboard and helping them grow to their optimal capabilities keeping organizational objectives in mind.

But what is the right talent? and how do you define a talent?

Our definition sounds like this:

Not many organisations can predict their capability-needs very far ahead, hence talent should be viewed as a product that is to be managed according to identified needs.

The identified talent is perceived as innate intelligence or competencies that allow someone to do something easier and more qualified than others measured against the strategic needs. Furthermore the person has the capabilities and motivation to grow and expand their competencies.

Talent is also defined by the perceived value add to an organisation – and is not easily replaceable.

At ThoughtLeaders we have years of experience heading talent management functions and have tried and build all aspects of a talent management programs.

Can we help you do the same?